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Purchasing an Angel

    Decided to purchase an AmorusAngels Ragdoll?  
 You have come to the right page!

We now accept Electronic bank transfer payments, Visa or Master card through Pay pal !

Please note: If you choose to pay using this method it is required for you to include an additional amount of
4 % of your payment for pay pal fees. This amount must be added to your payment to cover fees for pay pal costs.
These costs are deducted from your amount by pay pal before we request transfer of your funds to our account.

Please read our policies and contract before signing to ensure you understand our terms.


Our ragdolls are to be sold as inside cats only. We spay/neuter our pet or show /alter quality kittens before leaving the cattery.. We provide the first set of shots and de-worm at age appropriate. We have a no declaw policy for all our cats and kittens. Declawing is extremely painful, healing requires several weeks to months and in many cases a cat's feet will remain sore for life. Cats need their claws for daily grooming and exercise of muscles by stretching and scratching. Claws help a cat jump and retain their balance. Trimming a kitten's claws is simple. We trim our cats claws on a regular basis and they soon learn to accept this as routine. When there are available scratching posts and your kitten is shown to use it, instead of the furniture, he will be trained to scratch the posts sparing your furniture.  You should have several of these around the house near chairs or couches. You may also use aluminum foil wrapped around the corners of couches or chairs until your kitten is trained. Two sided tape is also useful as a deterrent. You can use a spray bottle filled with water to assist in training. When your cat does something undesirable such as jumping on dining tables or scratching the sofa you can use the spray bottle to spray water on your cat. This is a great training tool.


Please visit www.declawing.com or www.cfainc.org for more information on declawing.

 Kittens are priced depending on color, pattern, and whether he/she is a breeder,
 a show, pet or show/ breeder quality kitten or cat.  Please call for prices on the quality as follows:

Pet Quality Ragdolls
Breeder Quality Radolls
Show/Alter Quality Ragdolls
Show/Breeder Quality Ragdolls

$400.00 for Pet Quality, or $600.00 for Show/Breeder Quality 

(see below for details on where to send)

If you are unable to visit us and pick up your new cat or kitten, we will gladly ship to the airport most convenient. Shipping costs are available upon request as we have no control over these costs. 

 Your lovely ragdoll kitten will be shipped to you healthy and happy in a  pet taxi, along with a comfly fleece pad or blanket, and food, along with the feed and health instructions. Shot and health information, pedigree copies of parents upon request, kitten registration form ( registration in TICA), completed contract will be sent to you directly  within a reasonable time period. 

Our cattery is registered with (TICA) The International Cat Assoication, and we are members of 2 Ragdoll clubs: 
(RI) Ragdoll International and (RFCI) Ragdoll Fanciers Club International.

AmorusAngels Ragdolls guarantees the health of our kittens for two years for any congenital health problems and guarantees the kitten's parents are tested and negative for FELV,  FIV, HCM and PKD.  Seller will not be responsible for any virus that includes Upper Respiratory Infections of any kind after 72 hrs. of transfer of ownership. Your kitten or cat is guaranteed to be free of ear mites, fleas, worms or fungus for up to 72 hours after transfer of ownership. If a fatal genetic defect is discovered your kitten will be replaced when a necropsy or vet records are supplied.

Please note:  All shipping transportation costs will be paid for by buyer. However, we will deliver 1/2 hour in any direction from our cattery free of charge to help you, if travel time seems too long for you. Other delivery arrangements can be made to deliver directly to your home in the Southern California area, fees depend on your location. A minimal fee to cover gas and time for delivery will be required.

Our kittens have been litter box trained before leaving our home. Accidents will happen as your kitten is young and may be nervous in a new environment. You must show your kitten where she/he can take care of business when you bring him/her home and be watchful the first few days to be sure no bad habits establish. Often times cats like having their own cat box.  If you are sharing boxes with 2 or more cats  and one of the cats is expelling outside the box, try providing each cat their own box....you may be suprised to find your problem is solved.  If kittens find an undesireable place to expel their feces or urine there are measures you can take to correct this.  Please contact us if you have trouble with this. It is recommended to isolate your new kitten in a smaller environment for a few weeks ( i.e. a bedroom) until it gets used to its new surroundings and you.  After that initial time period it will be more suitable to allow him/her to get familiar with the larger atmosphere of your home.  This is a good way to adjust a new kitten into your home and be sure he/she will use the litter box while in a time period of adjustment.

Most of our kittens come from Champion to Supreme Grand Champion bloodlines. We feed our cats and kittens high quality nutritious foods, Royal Canin 36 and Wellness canned food or Nutro Max adult or kitten food. We also feed Eukanuba hairball to ensure the best of health for our adults.Our canned food of choice is Nutro Max Cat chicken, turkey, liver or oceanfish. Treats liked well are chicken treats by whole life food and tuna flakes.

Our kittens are handled after they are born at an age appropriate for socializing them, to be lovable and playful bundles of joy! We offer ragdoll kittens in traditional colors, Seal, and Blue. We also have one of the largest breeding program of Cream & Reds on the West Coast. We also offer the newer colors and patterns: Tortie, Torbie and Lynx points. We have some chocolate carriers in our lines and is possible for us to produce Chocolates. In the future, we will be working toward introducing a new male that carries chocolate lines for our female carriers.

 To place a deposit of $400 (pet) or $600 (breeder/show) on one of our angels,
please print out a
CONTRACT fill it out and submit it with your non-refundable deposit. 

Kindly mail a Signed and COMPLETED contract with a cashier's check or money order
(we will take personal checks for deposits only)
                        Made payable to:

Patricia Bellamy

Payment options are available through paypal and/or Bank wire transfers.
If using paypal, please include a 4% additional amount for paypal fees
which will be deducted from your payment automatically when your deposit is transferred.

Please Choose Whether Payment or Deposit

After receiving your deposit, completed contract, and your balance is paid in full you will recieve a fully executed copy at date of pickup,(a copy will be mailed or faxed to you before picking up your kitten at your request). For shipped kittens the paperwork will follow shipment sent to your home.  If you require a reciept, a copy of the m.o. or your cashier's check stub shall suffice temporarily. Should you require a receipt from me, I can send/fax a reciept to you or copy of the contract showing your balance due after deposit is received with my initials next to it. Please feel free to call anytime with questions you may have about deposits and placing kittens on hold.



Contact Information:
Patricia Bellamy-Ghnaimat

Cell (951) 295-0654


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