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     Our Lords      


Our Lord Gizmo

Gizmo has been tested for HCM dna and is negative for HCM and PKD 

'RW SGC Ragbenchers “Gizmo” of AmorusAngels' 

Don’t look now, whoops! Too late, I just stold  your heart with these big baby blues.  I am just 7 weeks old in this photo. 
I was born 12/17/03.  I am a seal point bicolor. In case you're wondering, my mama is a seal mitted ragdoll named, 1
"Ragbenchers Miss Hanna".  I  bet you already know my daddy… he frequents the shows. His name is “OverlandTrl 'Scout' of Ragbenchers”,
 a seal point bicolor. He  won “Quad Grand Champion” status in January 2004.

With these looks what more could you ask for but… Champion status!  We are so grateful to Cheryl Adams of Ragbenchers, for this sweetie.

This little guy is super loving, and adorable, his coat is so long and fluffy, we have to fight off our visitors, since everyone wants to take him home! 
He loves to knead and nurse on my cheeks and chin all the time.           


Our Lord Gizmo on the right, and his double ...(baby bro), kickin’ it in the nursery.
We are seal bicolor boys looking for trouble! Look out ‘cause here we come….


 Picture taken 6/27/04

What a serious look! This Big Floppy Boy gets along with everyone, he is such a ham too!
 He watches out for all our angels in the cattery giving them kisses and hugs every chance he can. He is a true Romeo!


  These photos were taken 6/22/05

 Gizmo relaxing by the front door, you can see how dark he is now.

Gizmo really wasn't too excited this evening about taking his picture but we managed to get a few anyway.


     Some Exciting news to share! 

Our Gizmo has gotten huge,  he weighs 12.5 lbs. at just 16 months old.  
The picture below was taken in Jan 2005 when he was titled a DGC at a show in Arcadia, CA.

Gizmo "Double Grand Championed" in January 2005 at Arcadia, CA!  Finaling 5 rings out of 10 that weekend.
It was a good show for our Gizmo boy. He finaled as a 3rd,4th, 5th and 2-10th best cat awards in these rings.
We are so pleased with this boys temperament and his quality. He is such a dream and so easy to love!

Gizmo "Triple Grand Championed" at the Fresno, Sweetheart Cat Show, Feb. 5th, 2005,
receiving 2 ribbons for 10th best AB and 6th best LH specialty cat. 
He is now just a show away from his Quad Grand Champion Title!

Gizmo made his "Quad Grand Champion" Title, February 20th, 2005! 
We attended the Lavendar and Lace show in Arcadia, CA and he f
inaled 8th best cat in an Allbreed ring.


We are so excited Gizmo recieved a best cat in a final ring by Judge Alex Chisholm,
it was his second ring that Saturday. He also recieved a 5th best cat in an allbreed ring.  Gizmo had not
been shown for 1 year 4 months. It was so exciting to see him get these riboons in his first show out.

GIZMO is now a Supreme GRAND Champion! 

This is the highest title awarded outside of earning enough points in
International shows to be an International Winner. Way to go Gizmo!!



Picture above Taken 1/15/05

Gizmo recieved a regional award on 7/31/05 for being the "18th Best Long Hair Cat of the year" at TICA's SW Region show,and an award for being
the "Best Seal Point Bicolor ragdoll" from the SW region. He also received from TICA an award for being the "2nd Best Ragdoll of the year"
Internationally as well, show season ending 4/30/05!!!  This is wonderful we have had a great show year!


 Wow!...  for his 1st year of showing, this is impressive we are so proud of him. 

Thanks to Cheryl and Ben from Ragbenchers (Scout and Hannah) we acquired such a lovely male ragdoll! 
Gizmo has an exceptional personality and is truly a blessing to our cattery!

Photos taken 10/2006

Gizmo after making a "Best Cat" in Alex Chisholm's LH Specialty Ring at the Regional Show in Irvine, CA, July 2006
This was a blessing as it qualified him for his Supreme Grand Champion Title.  Thank you so much Alex!
He looks like he is satisfied with himself in this photo, he knows he is all that, and more!

Photos Taken 11/20/06

Supreme Grand Champion Gizmo of Amorusangels
 Taking a stroll down the stairs to find Lady Samira....

Gizmo waiting for the ladies at the door.
  I know you are in there now come on out.

A handsome close up of our Gizmo !

Just look at his dreamy eyes, it puts you into his mood.....


  Gizmo now weighs 17 pounds. He is a big boy.


Our Lord Beau

Amorusangels Just A Blue Country "Beau"

DOB 5/13/12 (mother's day)


Both Beau's parents Gizmo and Bubbles have been tested negative for pkd and hcm and are negative for both mutations.


Amorusangels Blue Country Beau is our newest boy and newest addition to the cattery.

He is a big boy and I think he will be larger than his dad he has very strong bones.
He came as quite a surprise as we have only produced one other blue bicolor of his calibre in 5 years, out of this breeding. I have been excited to see
this boy develop into the beauty he is today.  He is a blessing!  A beautiful boy with a sweet temperament perfect markings and beautiful type. 
I just love his size and full coat.  Big beautiful eyes and full muzzle on this boy. I am so pround of him.
His papa is Gizmo and his mama is Bubbles, two of our largest and most beautiful ragdolls.
We hope to start showing this boy in the end of 2012 and supreme him in the next year to come~

photos taken 9/9/12


Look at this boy's eyes they are really captivating and very nicely designed just like Bubble's eyes. I love the shape of his eyes and the head type of this boy. 
He has really nice boning and is the biggest kitten in the litter.  Really is an exceptional boy and am so pleased in god's making of him !

We will be out to see our fellow breeder friends and Tica judges soon to critique this boy and let us know what they think! 



Our Lord Jordan Star

Riterags "Jordan Star" of Amorusangels

Photos taken 1/22/07

Jordan has been tested for HCM dna and is negative for both mutations of
HCM and PKD 

 Isn't he especially cute!!!   We are so proud of our new boy.
This gorgeous Red Lynx Bicolor angel is truly a treasure and is a great blessing to our cattery. He has the most affectionate
personality and is so beautiful, his coat so fluffy and his eyes are hypnotizing.  I just gaze into those baby blues and I am a done deal!
He will have gorgeous boy's and girls just like him, here at Amorusangels!  



            A red lynx bicolor angel  who comes from a wonderful cattery with exceptinal show lines.  Thank you Deb for entrusting this perfect boy to us.
This boy's daddy is RW SGC Riterags Victory, a very handsome blue lynx mitted ragdoll who has shown well in the southeast region. 
Jordan's mother is a Seal Tortie Bicolor, named Sugar Pie, a breeding from Riterags originating out of Mourningdove Tracie of Rag2Riches and SGC Raggledazzle Duke's  lines! 
ust look at this amazing boy these two produced!  I am very happy with Jordan!
It is a blessing to have him in our home we are so pleased with the kittens he has produced for us.

 Photos below taken 3/3/07

 Jordan at 3 months old


 photos taken 7/23/2007

Jordan at 6.5 months old



News Flash!!!

Congratulations to Jordan Star!   He is now a DOUBLE GRAND CHAMPION !!

Jordan received 2 awards !!! 
Our Jordan Star won Two color awards for:
The Best Red Lynx Point Bicolor Ragdoll Internationally for the year end 2008 from TICA
 (The International Cat Assn.)
The 2nd one is a regional award from TICA's South West Region for show year end 2008 
as The Best Red Lynx Bicolor Ragdoll for the year!!


Photos taken of Jordan at the Regional Show 7/28/08

He is such a Beautiful Red Lynx Bicolor Ragdoll at 1yr. 8 mos. old !  We just adore him here at Amorusangels !



Show news from our July 2008 Southwest Regional !
Jordan received 3 finals one for 8th best cat in an Allbreed ring, and  
the other two for 9th and 10th best cat in 2 Long Hair Specialty show rings.
These now qualify him for Triple Grand Champion Status!   Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

Our Lord Angel


"CH Amorusangels Moonlite Angel "
News Flash!!! we received an award !!!
Angel won a color award for:
Best Cream Point Bicolor for SW Region show year end 2006 and 2007.

Pictures below taken 11/12/05
9 months old and 13 lbs. of angel and hair!


Angel has been tested for HCM dna and is negative for HCM and PKD

Our cream lord Angel was nicknamed, "White boy" by my husband. 
Angel is our own homegrown ragdoll, who has such beautiful features and truly a gorgeous coat
This boy is a  Cream Point Bicolor who has a great personality, and is so loving, both are a treasure to us.  
He acquired his beautiful pattern from his papa, Gizmo, and his beautiful color and soft bunny coat from his mama, Rose. 
Rose had an especially soft coat. His size we are not sure where it came from maybe Grandpa F McDuff of Irishcottage,
not sure however, he is huge. This boy is an eating machine, never seems to tire from eating food and purring.
He weighed 13 lbs. at 10 months old here.  He loves to sleep at my feet all the time. 
I would say this one is a mama's boy just like his daddy!  We are so proud to add Angel to the cattery!

Pictures taken 6/18/05 (4 months old)


Our Cream point bicolor boy has great confirmation, boning, nice whiskerpad,earset, a strong chin, & gorgeous eyes. 
Angel loves us so deeply we
decided to keep him & show him ourselves. Just look at that face and eye shape,
his look is so exceptional, as well as his build. Moonlite Angel weighs 10 lbs. at just 7 months old,
this is truly incredible! 
What a great example of a breeder/show quality ragdoll!

Photos taken 4/24/05 (9 wks old)

Photos taken 4/04/05 (6 wks old)





Contact Information:
Patricia Bellamy-Ghnaimat

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