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Farewell Tails 
Photo taken 10/21/08
DOB 7/21/08
This girl is going to Portugal.  This beautiful blue bicolor girl will make a perfect show girl, she is very healthy
and sweet too!  Perfectly marked. This girl loves to purr alot and likes to follow you everywhere!
She has nice boning, a perfect " inverted V",  a nice profile with a great scoop, strong chin and muzzle. Her ear set is nice too!
  photos taken 10/21/08
Look at her gorgeous eyes.  These are some nice playful shots of her.    She was playful on picture day.


photos taken 10/21/08
DOB 7/21/08

This girl is going to live in Germany
Our gorgeous, perfect marked, Seal Pt. Bicolor girl is so sweet and is an active little girl!
She has the best of both Gizmo and Bubbles.
She has Gizmo's coloring and look but with Bubble's deeper blue eye color.
Nice ears and a great scoop on this girl and nice profile. Strong Chin and Muzzle too! A very healthy girl!
Her eyes are a very deep blue. She is just so adorable of a ragdoll, her personality is really wonderful too!
Cuddly and loving, she also likes to play a lot right now.  Great confirmation on this girl. Look at her nice chest and ruff.


DOB 5/26/08
photo taken 11/21/08
Going home to live with Lisa

Red Lynx Bicolor
Photos taken 10/21/08 
A loving boy who is filled with energy, he loves playing with his siblings. He is absolutely gorgeous.
Now 11 lbs. of fluffy ragdoll love! This boy went to go live in Switzerland to be a Swiss Alps skier.


This Seal tortie bicolor sweetheart named Lucy, out of Tabitha and Gizmo born 5/23/07
 went to go live with Sally in Rancho Mirage. Thanks so much Sally for updating us on her.
Isn't she just so sweet looking. Sally just adores her and is the spice of her life!

Rose and Lucky had an awesome litter of 6 miracles born 9/12/06

3 red point males, 3 females - 1 seal tortie pt., 1 seal torbie pt. and 1 blue torbie mitted

Red Point Mitted Male
What a cutie this boy is and loves to play !
He has some beautiful blue almond shaped eyes.
He has gone home to Ted and Bonnie in Burbank
Photos taken 1/29/07
4.5 months old

Photos taken 12/18/06
Same boy as above at 3 mos. 5 days old



photos taken 11/07/06

This is the same Red Point Mitted Male as above at 7 wks. old. 
He has a very loving and sweet temperament,and just like his brothers very active!
He has a nice head type, his ear set is medium and has nice doming, 
his profile shows a strong muzzle that is even with his chin.
He has very strong bones and a nice round tummy!




Seal Tortie Point

This little girl has a super loving and friendly temperment.
This funny girl loves to play with her own shadow on the the carpet where sun lite
is provided through our large arched window in our office. She has us
laughing, watching her do acrobatic moves while chasing herself.
She went home with May to Cucamonga to play.

Photos taken 1/30/07


photos taken 12/18/06

Her markings are unique, just like her personality
3 mos. 5 days old in these photos



A darling ragdoll, seal tortie pt. female, with a cute tail.
She has several streaks of red in her tail as shown below.
Her ears are also cute. She has very little red on her face and nose.

This girl is so inquisitive.
She kept wanting to show me her back when taking these photos.

Photos taken 11/07/06

Seal Tortie Point-Female  7 wks. old here



photos taken 12/17/06
3 mos. 5 days old

Our male red mitted boy is with Heather in Ohio.


This boy is lighter in color than his brothers appearing to be a cream.
We are still waiting to see if he darkens up as red as his 2 brothers.
This boy always wants my attention over his siblings. Anytime I am around he
prefers me over his siblings for attention, head pets and tummy rubs.

Photo taken 10/21/06
5 wks old

photos taken  11/07/06
7 wks old.



photos taken 12/18/06

Red Point Male
This boy is really a large boy, he has great boning, nice ear set and muzzle, chins matches muzzle.
Nina has taken him home to Torrance to live with another ragdoll kitten named Takido.
3 mos. 5 days old


photos taken 11/07/06

Red Point Male available 7 wks. old
This boy is the biggest male in the litter and what an energetic boy.
He literally bounces off the walls at times in play. Is full of love and craves affection. His bones are very sollid and strong.


Seal Torbie Pt. is going home with Julie for Lauren to be her own special kitten. 
photos taken 12/18/06
3 mos. 5 days old


 photos taken 11/07/06

This little one is super loving just a purr baby. Loves to rub on you and get picked up.
Nice head on this girl and nice eyes. She also has a very nice muzzle and whiskerpad.


Blue Torbie Pt. Mitted Female Available
photos taken 12/18/06


photos taken 11/07/06
Blue Torbie Pt. Mitted Female Available 7 wks. old.
This girl also loves attention is right next to her sister wanting a little love too!


Grace and Gizmo are this girls parents born 9/27/06
photos taken 12/17/06


Sweet girl for Greg and Christi went home Christmas Eve!

Our darling female ragdoll angel, just look at her sweet face.
Almost perfect marked has a very small seal mark under her back foot.
Also on right hind leg seal coloring comes down on leg just above her white back boot.
She is the biggest one in the litter and a sweetie pie.

photo taken 12/17/06


This boy went home with Catherine. 
Just look at this boys nice muzzle. He has good bone structure too!

photo taken 11/11/06

  A gorgeous seal point bicolor male. This guy has a nice ear set and beautiful markings. A nice scoop on his nose and
loves to follow you around already.  I can't feed the kittens without him being right there next to me.


This girl below was aadopted by Helen and how lucky she is to live together with her and her brother!

This Precious Angel is a seal torbie point DOB 11/18/05
Her name is Angel and is a beautiful girl, a split faced torbie who looks a lot like her mama but with
the red from her papa she has an added unique look to her. She is very stocky, weighs more than her mama now.
 A darling doll who loves to bounce around the house and play with her toys.
She is a social girl but prefers to be pet more than be held as she loves her freedom.

Dam: Summer       Sire: Star

Photos taken 9/4/06

9.5 months old


Placed with Helen in October 2006 with his sister above, going to Palm Desert to be desert rats together!

Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll who just craves attention!
Mocha is very playful, affectionate galore and loves to lick your feet and your toes.
He is quite the character around our house. He even bats his food around before eating it sometimes,
just like Star, his father did. This guy is sure to bring spice to your life and love to your heart.



Ragdolls adopted from Precious/Angel May21,'06 litter

Blue mitted Boy Pet Quality 
has gone home with Jackie to be a seal point beach bum!

 3.5 months old

photo taken 9/4/06

Look at this boys face it is just adorable.
He reminds me of his dad Angel but a blue boy!
photos taken 8/18/06

 Our blue mitted boy is so cute, and fun !


1 seal tortie pt. mitted female Pet Quality
Went home with Jackie also to be a seal point beach bum with Emily her daughter.

photos taken 8/18/06
A spunky girl with a white tipped tail, adds character to her look,
a sweet heart just like her mama Precious Lovebug and her dad Angel.

This little seal tortie girl purrs alot !


This male featured below is a seal point mitted,
 and was adopted by Michelle from Ojai.
 photos taken 8/18/06


Cynthia from Long Beach adopted this beautiful male seal point mitted angel!
He is brother to the one above - photos taken 8/18/06

Photos taken 9/4/06

 Cocoa Puff is now at home with Kuku, Kat and Terry

photos taken 8/18/06

Kat's Coco Puff at almost 3 months of age who turned out to be the smallest in the litter,
but has the most sweetest temperament, a lovely lapcat.


photos taken 9/4/06
Kuku at 3.5 months of age, she has beautiful eyes. Simba our redpoint is in the background.
Kuku has gone home to live with Kat and Terry and is living happily with Cocoa Puff.

Kat and Terry's KuKu at almost 3 months of age her name fits her well, she is a little nut.
She bounces off walls and tables, to the sofa and then to the floor. She plays with the toys when they don't even move and creates her own excitement! A lovely girl with a little wild child in her!



Photos taken of 5/21/06 litter on 7/1/06
5 wks. old

Available Males (3)

 Our blue mitted boy is so cute, and his 2 seal mitted brothers
all have deep blue eyes, are playful and so much fun!


 Our blue tortie mitted girl we are placing with Kat 
 as a pet. She has a little red on her nose and is so adorable!


 Our blue tortie mitted girl " KuKu " below, adopted by Kat, 
and Terry with seal tortie pt. mitted sister who went home to Jackie and Emily.

A seal tortie mitted girl- below on the right and following photo below on the left.

A spunky girl with a white tipped tail, adds character to her look,
a sweet heart just like her mama Precious Lovebug and her dad Angel


  Our blue mitted tortie pt named " KuKu", she is so.... playful
here with her seal point mitted sister, "Cocoa Puff" both are so sweet and 
are going to live together with Kat and hubby Terry in Loma Linda

Seal Mitted Girl has a darling face I love her sweet temperment!

 This little sweetheart, named Cocoa Puff is such a doll !


Ragdolls adopted from Lord Gizmo/Lady Samira May 22, '06 litter


Photos taken 8/18/06

Pet Seal point bicolor female pet ragdoll, owner Barbara named her "Maggie"

This little girl is going to be a LasVegas lady went home with Bill and Barbara

Jennifer's and Lilly's Pet Seal Point ragdoll is going to be a Pasadena girl!
What a beautiful face this girl has!
photos taken 8/18/06

Photos taken 7/1/06

5 wks old
Pet female left adopted by Barbara, show male right


Both females-Left one for Barbara and right one is for Lilly
Maggie on left and ? Jennifer and Lilly need to think of a name for the girl on the right yet. 


Our Last Breeding by Star to Rosie
Litter of 3 - DOB 4/24/06

Photos taken 7/1/06
Our red point bicolor male 

Adopted by Stacey and Melissa in Malibu, what a lucky cat!



Our Red point male ragdoll we named Simba ...who looks just like his daddy without the mittens.
He is the real cuddlebug between the 3 kittens and we just adore all his affection he gives us.
Now resides in Redondo Beach with a nice family.



Our Cream point bicolor female ragdoll we named Tenderheart Tabitha !
She has a loving personality and is so playful!
We just loved her so we had to add her to the cattery, she is such a beautiful girl! Since our Red breeding program
has grown so large and we added some new red lines for our cream male Angel we decided to allow her to go to another breeder.
She now has been transferred to Kentucky to be an Adorablerags queen for Cynthia and Brian Bailey.



Photos taken 6/1/06


 1 red point bicolor named Gizmo,1 red point( males) ,,, ... the red point male we named Simba looks just like his dad, Star !


our creampoint female...and redpoint male       all three kittens... 2 males, 1 female

 Star and Rose's litter born 4/24/06

photos taken 5/4/06



Our Double Grand Champion ECHOGLEN Lady Samira of AMORUSANGELS
and RW/Quad Grand Champion RAGBENCHERS Gizmo of AMORUSANGELS blessed us with 7 RAGDOLL kittens
which arrived from Heaven on 11/10/05 !
3 boys and 4 girls

4 Blue bicolor kittens, 1 male ( pet), 3 females(2 show/breeder,1 pet) 
3 Seal bicolor kittens, 2 males(1 pet, 1show/breeder), 1 female(pet)

Our beautifully marked show/breeder seal bicolor boy is gorgeous! 
Adoptedy by Vivian of Dollmakker Ragdolls in Arkansas!
This boy is stout and has strong bones,he has everything including a strong chin/whiskerpad.
Look at his head and those alluring beautiful eyes that capture your heart! 
  He looks like Gizmo,is a loverboy and just as sweet. A dream kitten!

Amorusangels "Starbuck" of Dollmakker

Our best show/breeder boy produced out of this cattery weighing 5.75 lbs at 4.5 months old.
Our new friend in fur, Vivian... is tickled pink to have him in her cattery. 

Vivian and Carl......We give this boy to you with love, to hold and have and cherish with love!
Good Luck in all your dreams with our Starbuck boy!

photos taken 3/21/06



Photos taken 3/1/06




photos taken 1/23/06


photos taken 1/14/06



A blue bicolor show/breeder Sold to Melissa and Janet
 photos taken 2/28/06
Melissa and Janet you have been wonderful to work with.
I am blessed to be in some way connected to your lives through the love of ragdolls.
My wish for you both and your cattery is to be a success!
Our dream is that our Lily Rose fills your cattery with beauty, love, fame
and an abundance of beautiful kittens in the years to come!

Amorusangels Lilly Rose of Vunderland Rags


Our blue bicolor boy is full of Love and very playful!
His name is Reggie. He went home to Garret and Shannon of Laguna Niguel.

photos taken 3/21/06



Our blue bicolor girl went to Illinois to live with Ken and Francine in Feb. 06, a girl full of love and energy.

photos taken 2/28/06


photos taken 1/14/06


Our seal bicolor girl and boy went to Aliso Viejo, CA to live with Jennifer,Andrew and their 2 girls.
These two sweethearts got lucky to be placed in the same home together and play all they want.

photos taken 2/28/06

AmorusAngels Roxy



photos taken 1/14/06


photos taken 2/28/06

Amorusangels Romeo

photos taken 1/14/06


4 ragdoll angels,SIRED BY RW/QGC Ragbenchers GIZMO of AmorusAngels AND
CH Ohmydolls STAR of AmorusAngels arrived from heaven on 10/20/05


photos taken 2/4/06

Gone home to Texas and lives with Connie 
A breeder/show girl who will make beautiful kittens just like herself.

A beautiful seal point bicolor girl is perfectly marked and has a great temperament. This lovely girl 
slept with us for her first 3.5 months of life and turned out to be a cuddlebug queen. She has a  
nice muzzle with a strong chin, whiskerpad, chest and coat. Gizmo's girl FREEDOM has a non stop purr.
Gorgeous eyes and has a cute personality, just a super lovergirl.



This girls ears will not look as large when she grows up. She is in a growth spurt and just waiting to grow into them
just like her daddy, Gizmo did his. A nice ruff and chest on this girl too.
She loves to sleep with us and is having fun playing with her sister these days.

Pictures taken 1/14/06 





photos taken 1/14/06

Our blue tortie bicolor girl has gone home to Todd and Claire of Cerritos, CA 
This doll is really playful, lovable and a talking girl too! Star is her daddy.


    This little boy named Sox has gone home to Melissa in Carlsbad to bring her joy and love,
what a big boy, 5 lbs. at 13.5 wks old!
Star is his daddy.

photos taken 1/14/06


This little boy has been adopted by Laura and has gone home to Torrance
to fill her heart with love and happiness!
Gizmo is his daddy.

photos taken 1/14/06


are the proud parents of 6 ragdoll kittens ARRIVED FROM HEAVEN 11/18/05



This little pet guy below has a small white tip on his tail. He sure is a sweetie and comes when I call him.
Adopted by Jill,
photos taken 2/2/06


Photos taken 1/14/06


Photos taken 2/28/06
Coral the day Amber picked her up
A fitting name for a Seal tortie, she has the coral coloring with the seal what a beautiful girl!


photos taken 1/14/06

A seal tortie mitted girl with a split face went home to Amber in Canyon Lake, she has already fallen in love.


 seal torbie point

 Todd and Claire from Cerritos took this girl home - photos taken 1/14/06


are the proud parents of 8 ragdoll kittens ARRIVED FROM HEAVEN 07/08/05


Our perfectly marked seal point mitted boy has been placed with Kim in DeFuniak Springs, Florida.
She named him Glorius Griffin.  However, he will always be our Silly Willy boy here at AmorusAngels. 
We will miss this boy tremendously!
Willy's favorite thing to do is play with Faith and Lovebug chasing them all over the house.
He is going to have to get used to doing that with Kim's poodle if she will let him.





Our seal mitted boy below is a sweetheart, mismarked with a little white triangle on his muzzle but is so sweet.
This little guy has been placed with a lovely family, the Rothschilds living in Yuma,AZ.
He will be called "Trinity".
We just love that name as it fits his look and has inspiritatinal meaning.

Photos taken 11/05/05


Photos taken 10/18/05


A seal mitted that could have been a bicolor, with a warm personality.  
This guy is healthy and just loves being the center of attention. 
Following me everywhere is his favorite thing to do.

Photo taken 11/11/05

Nancy, his new mommy has decided to name him "Highland Baron".

This guy is such a great ragdoll I truly will miss him as I do each one when they leave me.
He is right there in the center of all the action just loves to be involved in whatever you are doing. 
His size is a wonderful example of a good breeder, just look at that ruff, strong chin and whisker pad.
He has a great head and medium ear set, strong muscular body and large bone size 
with strong whiskerpad and chin. His eyes are gorgeous.  I wanted to keep this boy Nancy!
I hope he is filling your home with love and making a nice companion for Beau!

 Pictures taken 10/18/05
Seal mitted boy went home to Nancy of Pacific Grove and will make a lovely playmate for her Beau*
*(another male ragdoll she has at home)
This adorable boy is so playful


A seal mitted boy is perfectly marked except has a seal marking on one heal.  This one has alot of character and is an active boy

Pictures taken 8/29/05
Home with Nancy now

Photos taken 10/18/05

Luke has become quite a charmer and is so lucky to go home with Cathie and Philip and sister Hope


Photos taken 8/29/05
Our loving seal lynxpoint boy named Luke has gone home with Cathie and Philip of CostaMesa

a perfectly marked seal lynxpoint who is so-o-o sweet, and with eyes that steal your heart.
Photos taken 10/18/05
Our Hope went home to Cathie and Philip with her brother Luke on 10/18/05


 Photo taken 8/29/05

 Cathie is in love with this girl she named Hope, she is going home with her brother Luke ! 
This girl loves to play and has big blue eyes. She is the only mitted tortie point and is such a floppy ragdoll!


Duenow, (J.D) and Daisy have gone home together with George and Jane to San Luis Obispo

Pictures taken 10/18/05



These  little ones insist on sleeping with me and  won't stay penned up finding their way to my bed without fail each night.
Both of these ragdolls are full of spirit and personality.

 2 males, red/cream pt. bicolors out of Gizmo/Rose's litter DOB 2/18/05



Our Cream point bicolor boy has great confirmation, boning, nice whiskerpad,strong chin, & gorgeous eyes. This ragdoll is so affectinate, just like his dad Gizmo. Angel constantly purrs and loves us so deeply we decided to keep him & show him ourselves. Just look at that face and eye shape, his look is so.....exceptional, as well as his build. Moonlite Angel weighs 10 lbs. at just 7 months old, this is incredible! He is a great breeder/show quality ragdoll!
We'll see you at future TICA shows!
Pictures taken 6/06/05
Moonlitte Angel - just look at that belly and nice strong muzzle.


 These two showboys are so healthy and have strong boning. Their ears are set perfectly and medium in size.
They have a very good blue eye color, nice whisker pads, strong chins, bone structure and fluffy bibs.
 a redpoint bicolor below and a creampoint bicolor above.
Their temperaments are indescribeable, are constantly purring and truly loving boys with lots of energy.
This boy has gone to live with Vicki in Los Angelos, California to play and live with her other ragdoll male who is a few months older.


 Pictures taken 4/24/05




Please scroll down to the sections below... under Rose and Gizmo's litter to view more photos of their siblings.



We present to you Grace and Gizmo's miracles!
3 bundles of joy born 3/10/05

1 seal point mitted girl, 2 seal point bicolor girls

Our sweet girl we named Faithful Spirit (Faith) a seal bicolor girl, who has won us over with her love and playfulness. 

 A lovely seal bicolor girl,Tinkerbelle's Pixie Dust
adopted by Rita to play with three lovely children in Placentia who she will absolutely adore!

Just look at this irresistable face and sweet eyes.


Pictures taken 5/26/05
Our seal mitted ragdoll belongs to Colleen and is having fun doing what ragdolls do best.....being a Lap Angel!
Colleen is deciding if she wants to name her Sophie or Gracie...tough decision, I like Sophie best!



  Pictures taken 4/18/05

 Our Lady Grace with 2 of her girls, she is such a good mama.


All seal beauties. The bicolor girl to the right is staying here. The seal mitted doll is pet quality and is so healthy and adorable.


The bicolor girl in the middle is sold to Rita and is a lovely girl.  Our Seal mitted girl who wanted to be a bicolor and didn't
quite make it is such a sweetie and Collen is the proud owner of this girl!  I will promise to love you furever....


A great photo of the seal mitted girl now owned by Colleen.                        Good profiles on these girls as you can see here.


  We present to you Summer and Star's miracles!
3 bundles of joy born 3/23/05

1 seal point boy, 2 mitted seal torbie girls
 Pictures taken 6/18/05
 A female seal torbie w/split face who is a lovely ragdoll.
Now living with Lisa in Apple Valley 

Pictures taken 6/6/05 

A favorite photo of our seal torbie girl, She has beautiful eyes and is 10 wks old here.
Lisa has decided to name her Chaca.


This angel has turned out very nicely, a seal torbie ragdoll with a split face, a little shy but sweet as honey.


Pictures taken 6/18/05
Our seal point boy we have been blessed with.... we named "Miracle Magic". He looks so beautiful with his deep blue eyes!


   Magic went home to Amanda my daughter as a birthday gift.


What a sweet boy Magic has turned out to be, full of love and comes when you call him.

"AmorusAngels Miracle Magic"

Photos taken 12/2005


We were going to keep Magic but our daughter's love for him , swayed us, to gift him to her.

Happy Birthday Amanda!

We have given this boy to you, to love and enjoy, since you adore him so much!


Picture taken 6/6/05
Melissa and Todd's Seal Torbie girl at 10 wks old.
Gracie is a lovely ragdoll with a very outgoing personality loves to play and follows you everywhere.


Pictures taken 4/18/05

 Summer is having so much fun as a mom and just loves her babies!


 Awe...just look at these beautiful seal torbie girls at 4 wks. old. One has a split face and is the smallest in the litter.
The other has less red on her nose. Both will have the red/peach as well as seal or chocolate coloring on their face.


.... just waiting to come home to Melissa and Todd.  These girls were blessed with only 3 mittens,
1 leg has the torbie coloring and a little white on the toes. Our split faced girl is now placed with Lisa in Apple Valley.


Here is the only male of the March litters and we have decided to keep this boy named Magic. He is a beautifully marked seal point.. 


 We now present to you Rose and Gizmo's miracles!
6 bundles of joy born 2/18/05

5 red/cream point/bicolor boys, and 1 seal tortie point mitted girl

 Pictures taken 4/3/05


At 6 wks. old these red boys are having a hard time staying still for a photo shoot. These two are sold to Eric and Mary.
A show/breeder quality boy. (moonlite angel)     The sleepy guy Joey is sold, Boy what a life, napping all day long...


Heading for a corner to take a flying leap, Yvonne's little boy. Awe...look at me sleepy creme boy.  I melt my mommy's heart.


         Another photo of our show/breeder kitten             This seal tortie girl loves attention and now belongs to Susan. 

 Picture taken 4/24/05


Raffy and Joey were so lucky to find a home to one family so they could grow up together!
Thanks Eric and Mary for giving them a home with love and children.
Picture taken 4/24/05

This is our boy named Cecil who went to live with Yvonne in Rancho Cucamonga !
Our own hometown for over 16 years.


Pictures taken 5/26/05

 Our seal tortie point mitted girl


Our little tortie girl, Jessica Rose posing well for photos.

Jessica Rose the day she left home to go live with mommy Susan in Bakersfield.

Pictures taken at 3 wks old. 3/11/05.....
A fluffy male flamepoint mitted ragdoll, a little boy not sure of himself yet.
A Female Seal Tortie Mtted ragdoll,  What a take me home look!

Our first angel to leave the cattery and is welcomed home by Heather Pierce of Hushabyerags


Our Sweet Angel Annie at 6 months old, a red point mitted ragdoll with owner Heather

Just look at this girl... she has size, is an absolute gorgeous redpoint with good boning,
 head type, nice whisker pad and a cute forward ear set.  This girl has it all including a great coat!


Photo taken Sept.05

Here is our lovely Peaches N Cream. Annie's sister who has gone to live with Ray in Louisiana.

Here are pictures of our Fall redpoint girls DOB 9/22/04

 We present to you Kittens from Rose and Star!

 Peaches n Creme

These photos were taken 12/06/04  


Our  redpoint Peaches at 10 wks. old she is a playful one!  So Sweet and loving. She now belongs toRay.


Peaches on the cat tree with Mom supervising in the cubby.
These photos were taken 10/18/04

Our  Angel lovin' ragdoll "Peaches N'Creme". 
Our guardian angel looking after Peaches!       .


Our angel Peaches being a lap angel at only 3 wks old.

 Raggedy Annie

These photos were taken 11/26/04


This little girl has been named Annie by Heather and is turning out to be a lovely ragdoll

These photos were taken 11/01/04


A red/cream female angel (Annie).                  Our Red/Cream Female is looking good!
Look at her strong chin and fat whiskerpad.  What a cutie pie winking at us, Heather's Annie girl.



Contact Information:
Patricia Bellamy-Ghnaimat

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