Amorus Angels Ragdolls
Patricia A. Bellamy-Ghnaimat
15555 Main St., Suite D4, PMB578
Hesperia, California 92345
Phone: (951) 295-0654


AmorusAngels ________________________________________________________
Cat/kitten sold as __Pet* __Show* ___Show/Breeder ___Breeder
Color/Pattern:__________________________Sex: _______ Date of Birth: ________
SIRE: ______________________________________________________________
DAM:  ______________________________________________________________
SOLD TO: ___________________________________________________________
Address:  ___________________________________________________________
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E-Mail address:_______________________________________________________

Sold for the following price:                                   $_____________
Non-refundable deposit of:                                     $_(__________)_
Shipping Costs/Misc. costs/Carrier fee:                 $_____________
Balance Due 10 days prior to shipping or delivery:  $_____________


1.  Under no circumstances will this cat be sold or given to another party without the consent of the breeder.
2. This kitten/cat is being sold as an indoor-only cat. **Seller will void health/genetic guarantee if kitten/cat  is declawed. 
Seller stresses the importance of providing responsible care for the animal, including proper nutrition, flea control and proper veterinarian care.
3. The kitten/cat is being accompanied by a State of California Official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection showing that the kitten/cat is judged to be in good health at the time of sale for shipped kittens. Sometimes the stress of going to a new home does have temporary effect of the immune system, lowering the catís resistance. If the kitten/cat should become ill within seven (7) days, the Buyer agrees to call the Seller immediately. If the cat is ill from disease incubating at the time of purchase and needs treatment, cat shall be returned to Seller and medical care will be provided through Sellerís veterinarian at no cost to Buyer. If the cat does not become well within 60 days, Seller will replace the kitten/cat with the next available animal of like value if the Seller is still in the business of breeding cats.
4. The breeder agrees to provide the purchaser of a Pet or Show quality kitten/cat with registration papers from TICA upon pet release and an original NEUTER/SPAY certificate from a Licensed Veterinarian. NOTE: Do not allow kitten/cat to be given Keraset/Ace combo ever for any reason. Health Guarantee void if kitten/cat has had this combination. We strongly suggest Isofluramine as the anesthetic of choice. Make sure your Vet is aware of this request. Tell your vet before any procedures.
5. This kitten/cat is guaranteed to be free of Genetic defects for two years after purchase. If said kitten/cat should die within that period from Genetic defect a replacement will be given after an autopsy has been preformed at the owners expense.
6. The Seller certifies that all cats in our breeding program are negative for FELV (Feline Leukemia) and FIV(Feline Aids.) We strongly suggest that you DO NOT have your kitten vaccinated for FELV (Feline Leukemia). or FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) mortality is high for kittens. Please make sure your Vet sees this contract and understands this clause.
7. The Seller will provide the purchaser with a complete record of all vaccinations and worming.
8. Buyer will be responsible for resale of kitten/cat if (s)he chooses not to keep said animal for reasons other than health. Seller will assist in placing kitten in a new home when requested. Seller reserves the right of first refusal for the above stated cat at a price not to exceed sale price or an otherwise mutually agreed upon price.
9. Seller reserves the right to cancel a sale of any kitten to a buyer before relinquishing 
TICA registration forms for any reasonable cause; such reasons could include: inability to maintain a future relationship with said buyer of kitten due to any misunderstanding during purchase transaction, verbal abuse or disrespectable treatment towards breeder, or animal abuse displayed towards ragdoll kitten being purchased.
10. The Buyer of a kitten used for breeding will receive registration papers and a copy of parents pedigree within 90 days of date of purchase
11. Fertility is guaranteed in breeding cats. If said cat fails to produce offspring due to a physical problem within 2 yrs of purchase, a replacement of equal value will be given after certified documentation has been received from a Licensed Veterinarian stating the nature of the problem.
12. If said buyer does not pick up their kitten at agreed upon date at 3 -3.5 months of age or other agreed upon date, seller will start to charge boarding fees at the rate of $10.00 per day from agreed upon pick up date to actual or amended pick up date of said kitten.
* If kitten is purchased as a pet, the seller will have the kitten altered before releasing to buyer, unless not recommended by our veterinarian for health reasons.   **Seller will show Buyer alternatives to declawing. 

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     Patricia A. Bellamy-Ghnaimat (Owner)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     (Contract Revison No. 1 /Date:  6/20/17)