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Angels On Stage 

Show News for years 2007/2008

News Flash! 
ARCADIA, CA - February 16-17, 2008

To Jordan Star he won his Championship Title, at the ARCADIA, CA cat show.  
Jordan received a 7th best ribbon award for an All Breed ring from Anne Ritzinger and
a 4th Best LH cat award in Candy Jacobson's specialty ring.

CABAZON, CA March 1-2,2008
Jordan is now a "Grand Champion", he recieved four ribbons at the Cabazon show in March 2008
2 - 4th best cat ribbons in 2 specialty rings, and 1- 9th best cat ribbon in an allbreed ring.
AND One 4th best ribbon was for the ADULT Male Congress ring.

April 12-13, 2008 at Arcadia,CA
Yee!!!!!!! Haw!!!!!!!! 
Jordan received another ribbon for 10th best cat in an Allbreed ring.
This last one qualified him for is Double Grand Champion Title! 
He was such a handsome boy that day as usual!
He is really moving up in the show world this year!

Show Mews.....Wow! 
 July 26-27th, 2008 Southwest Regional show!

Congratulations are in order to Riterags Jordan Star of Amorus Angels !!!
Jordan recieved 3 ribbon plaques at the SW regional show and is almost entitled to be a Triple Grand Champion!

Jordan received ribbon plaques as the 9th best cat in an Allbreed ring, and  
the other two for 8th and 10th best cat in Long Hair Specialty rings.
These much appreciated plaques of recognition now qualify him for.....
Double Grand Champion Status!   Hip Hip Hooray!!!!
He is on his way up to Triple Grand Champion Status now!

2008 TICA Show Year End News Flash!!!
We just received "TWO" 2008 year end awards from TICA (The International Cat Assn) ! 

Our Jordan Star won 2 color awards for:

The Best Red Lynx Point Bicolor Ragdoll " Internationally" for the show year ending April 2008 !!!

The Best Red Lynx Bicolor Ragdoll in TICA's "SW Region" for show year ending April 2008 !!!


These photos were taken at The Southwest Regional show in Pasadena, California 7/28/08



More show news......to come.

March 2007 in Cabazon, California
Recieved his 4th best ribbon award in the mild n wild congress!


Thank you so much.....Jeff Roberts for acknowledging our Angel's qualities! He just loves his garfield laser toy!
I know I am biased but.... he really is such a beautiful and lovely tempered, Cream Pt. Bicolor Ragdoll!

Our new Champion Moonlite Angel at the Cabazon Show in March 2007.
Here is Jeff Roberts getting ready to place the ribbon on his cage.
He received a 4th best ribbon award in the mild and wild congress ring!
This award qualifed Angel for his Champion Title. 
He loved his Garfield laser light toy that was attached to his ribbon !! 

He is so handsome in this close up below, isn't he?
Angel is a little over 2 yrs old here.

News Flash!!! we received an award !!!
Angel won a color award for:
Best Cream Point Bicolor for SW Region show year end 2006 and 2007.


Photos taken at the Arcadia Show in May 2006
This is Vickie Fisher, our TICA SW Regional Director, judging our Angel!

You can see our Amorusangels Joy to the World Jennifer in the cages behind the Judges table, 
she is Number 122 below.  She is so stunning!

This Judge is Vickie Fischer who was our Southwest Regional Director from TICA and is now TICA's President!  Congratulations Vickie!



Contact Information:
Patricia Bellamy-Ghnaimat

Cell (951) 295-0654


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